A New Normal: Cloud Telecom Series



COVID-19 has changed how we work, play, learn. 

Our webinar series shows how cloud communications is the "new normal."

2020 has brought us closer together through the power of the cloud. While we're socially distant, we rely on voice calls and text messaging more than ever.

Watch the recordings of our "new normal" 30-minute webinars to learn how to leverage the cloud for:

  • Telehealth (Watch Now)
             Virtual doctor visits, prescription &
             appointment reminders   
  • Text Messaging (Watch Now)
             Deliver alerts and updates to
             employees, students & more
  • Distance Learning (Watch Now)
             Keep students on track with video and
             voice meetings
  • Work from Home (Watch Now)
             Sync virtual teams and keep employees
             productive via the cloud 

Join our cloud experts, Matt Lambson and Tim McLain, to learn how the world has changed and how you can adapt to our "new normal" of cloud communications.